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Here are some comments from our customers and some others.

Steve Winsett, Winwurx [Gnostice Document Studio Delphi]

"Thank you very much! Great product and I am using it more each day."

Linda Larose, Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems, Inc. [Gnostice Document Studio .NET Ultimate]

"I love this product and the customer support is very responsive and helpful."

Derek Farrell, Totally Insane P/L, Australia

"I recently purchased PDFToolkit VCL ProPlus. I found these tools so useful that I have since upgraded to the Gnostice DevSystem Delphi Subscription and am looking forward to including some new features in my project that I didn't even realise I needed."

Darren Chambers, ImageFreeway Inc., GA [Gnostice Document Studio .NET Ultimate]


John Lillie, Systems Architect II, Lee County Clerk of Court, FL [Gnostice Document Studio .NET Ultimate]

"Thank you for the outstanding support and guidance you provided over the past few weeks. I hope that I don’t have to contact you again but if I do, I’m confident that you can quickly help me resolve any issue I might face.
The support you gave me was truly one of the best I have seen in my 20+ years of experience in the Information Systems Industry."

Randy Buckley, Senior Software Engineer, Salt Lake City Utah Government, UT [Gnostice Document Studio .NET Free]

"Again I love the product it saved me much work. Your timely tech support is hugely appreciated. I've never experienced such superb service."

Steffen Winkler, endian code GmbH, Germany [Gnostice Document Studio .NET Ultimate]

"Thank you (and your team/colleagues) for such an awesome support! It's a pleasure communicating with you. Also thank you for fixing my issues so fast."

Marin Peko [Gnostice Document Studio .NET Free]

"Your product is excellent."

Robin Baker, Automated Logic Solutions, South Africa

"thank you for responding so promptly. You guys are real stars..."

Claus Backalarz, Senior specialist, DELTA Acoustics

"Thank you very much. I'm very impressed of your fast and competent answers. Greetings to all in your company."

Bruce McGee, Glooscap Software

"I've used Gnostice successfully before. I wasn't planning to spend money right now, but they gave an awfully impressive demo at CodeRage. The discount was pretty compelling, too."

Peter Graf, Softwarehaus Graf & Partner

"Thank you. Everything works as expected. EXCELLENT support!"

Phil Hutchinson, Director,

I have been using Gnostice products now for quite a long time now. I started using their PDF and RTF filters for reporting applications for clients where I needed to be able to produce fast and compact PDF's from Quick Reports. The support provided then was always superb and as time moved on and eDocEngine came out it seemed a natural progression. This was faster and more versatile and has enabled me to produce even more complex outputs with little effort.

The latest project was to take outputs from a Fast Report as PDF and client supplied hi-res PDF's, and to be able to merge these together to form a single PDF, over print [overlay] the hi-res pdf with personalised information. The merging and the over print was easily possible with PDFtoolkit and the speed is amazing.

I would highly recommend Gnostice products and there support to anyone who needs to be able to change, edit and create documents including PDFs with ease.

Mike Sperry, Sperry Software

I just bought the PDF .Net version 6.0 and the subscription, and I love it. … Keep up the good work!

Ken Engels Henriksen, aeroplan ApS

We are developing software solution to the aviation industry. Therefore we are very delicate to high standards, both in safety and reliability. We are using Gnostice PDFtoolkit, in our manual program, and have saved us developing time. Furthermore the Gnostice PDFtoolkit has proved a high standard; we could easily add the component to our product, great product.

Nelson Al Assal Filho, IT Manager for ABNT (Brazilian Standards Organization)

Our company sells documents, in fact, in our collection we are selling over then 70 thousand technical standards. We use PDF One from Gnostice as a component for our viewing/printing JAVA applications for more than 500 thousand customers, in all Operating Systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Quite reliable and flexible, PDF One copes with a great diversity of documents, tables, images and formulas, giving our customers a high level of quality of documents. Even better than the software itself, is the support that Gnostice technical team gives us constantly, solving any doubts and problems we might have, with a very proactive and hard working approach. For all our experience, Gnostice is the best cost/benefit solution we found in this global market for software.

Alex Vasquez, Senior Software Architect, Creditron

Your product is fabulous and has saved me an enormous amount of development effort. Thanks for making such a great product.

Brian Culverwell

Gnostice eDocEngine is a fantastic product.

Robert Kondner, Index Designs

I really like that Export Interface app. Wow is that a 1000% improvement. I am absolutely delighted with the new eDocEngine.

M.T (from a data-security product firm)

I'm again very impressed - in short: it works, thank you! Something different: We were (and still are) extremely happy with your great support. This makes things much easier for us!

Peter Back, Halflight Software

I'd just like to thank you guys very much for adding JBIG2 support to your PDF viewer. You've created a fantastic product with your VCL components, no other product is in the same league as yours. I shall recommend you to everyone and anyone who expresses an interest. Once again, many thanks indeed.

Jeff Moyers

I wanted to tell you that eDocEngine is very well done and it works great for us. I'm looking forward to using PDFtoolkit to implement full PDF support into our product... Your excellent tools were the primary influence and your special discount for existing customers made it a slam dunk decision.

Anand Narayanaswamy - asp.netPro magazine

"The main feature of the product is its ability to quickly create, generate, and manipulate PDF documents with only a few lines of code...

Craig Murphy - The Delphi Magazine

eDocEngine is an exceptionally comprehensive product offering unrivalled support for electronic document creation in a profusion of popular formats. PDFtoolkit offers good all-round access to a collection of functions that let us work with multiple PDF documents from within our applications; its object model is particularly clean and tidy. eDocEngine's ability to hook into existing reporting products means that you are now in a position to add PDF, JPEG and HTML output (and more) from your existing reports, all with just a handful of lines of code...

If you have been looking for a PDF creation and management component suite, you will be hard pushed to find anything to rival Gnostice's eDocEngine and PDFtoolkit bundle.

Mike Riley - Delphi Informant Magazine

Win32-based Delphi developers seeking diverse document manipulation library and/or PDF creation and editing components need to look no further than Gnostice's eDocEngine and PDFtoolkit products. Few other commercial Delphi components on the market come close to the breadth of document support and range of features that these products provide... I look forward to seeing these two products evolve and future component developments from this skilled company.

Jon Burnham, 1st-Research

I have such a good feeling about your products - I can see the effort and thought that has gone into your whole approach and it instills great confidence.

Sam Chilvers, Research Developer

It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with you. If only all software companies were as on the ball as you are I'm sure I would have less headaches. I can see I made the correct choice with eDocEngine.

Edwin Lau, iRedSoft Technology Inc.

eDocEngine is a good tool which does more than most other package can offer. The added Export interface makes it a class above the rest if I am so bold to say. So are the other PDF creator and eDocEngine in the same league, well, I doubt so. eDocEngine can do what most others can do but others cannot do most of what eDocEngine can achieve.

Henry West, City of Phoenix, Information Technology Department

We are very happy with your products, so anything related to PDF we try to see first if Gnostice can provide it.

R. A.

While I believe your solutions are among the best around, I thought you should know that a very large part of my decision was your excellent customer service - prompt, polite, and precise responses; just what I look for in a vendor. Keep up the good work! I look forward to being a long term customer of yours.

Dr. Bob Miller, President, Trace Systems, Inc.

Client contracted my company to re-write in Delphi a failed MS Visual C++ program designed to control hardware. Client provided another PDF package, called ******, but when I got to the point of using that, I found serious roadblocks in what I could do with that package using Delphi. (Yes, it would basically work, but I needed to do some special things and use some particular graphic file formats that their version of ****** wouldn't do. I knew I would have to at least get an upgrade to a newer version of ******, so why not look for something better?) Your package is clearly Delphi-friendly, so it was definitely the way to go. I think you have a great product, and I'm glad I bought it. I got the project finished, to the customer's satisfaction. That's what ultimately counts. Overall, I'm pretty happy and favorably impressed by your product, and have not run into any bugs.

Brennan A. Fee, Lead Software Engineer, Ultimate Software

Thank you for your product and your help in the past. We have many, many clients who are now using your code and are very happy with the results.

We are committed to upgrade when you come out with any future releases as a result of your stellar product and support.


I have however been using for some time is their support and I must say, they are way above what anyone could expect! There's a few very special requirements for my solution and I asked them if that was supported in their components. They examined the issues and reported back that it wasn't possible for them to support it at the moment - fair enough is that.

They did however look even further to help me solve my problem and ended up with detailed instructions about how to solve the problem using GhostScript!

I simply can't praise their support high enough; they have saved me tremendous about of time on this issue.

J. C.

I was looking for a PDF generator which supported canvases and interfaced to ReportBuilder and had the source code included. Your eDocEngine met all of our requirements.

John Valeondis, Analyst Programmer, Trident Technologies Pty Ltd.

Its (eDocEngine's) ease of use and implementation has allowed us to meet our requirements in the least amount of time.

Patrick Allen, Chief Technology Officer, the caplen company

We currently use your RaveRender technology and are completely satisfied (thanks for the good work that you do).

D. M.

So far, I think it does everything we want / need. This product has shortened our development time and allowed us to provide a seamless PDF form filling / document creation application.

Tom Schroer, Numus

I have just taken a look at your trial download txt and doc file, and so far am very impressed (they're actually much more well-written than manuals from the US or UK).

Lester Lee, Info-Pro Software

We should be the one thanking your organization for helping us firstly to cut cost. Imagine if we have to crack our heads on how to get what we want (eDocEngine) where we can get it at such a reasonable price. Maybe at the end of the day, we cannot come up with the solution. Secondly, your product will in a way help us increase our product strength and capability. Therefore, we believe your product has contributed to our product in a tremendous way. Cheers to your team.

Yahia El-Qasem

We use eDocEngine and PDFtoolkit and are very happy with it so far. By the way: it supports a bunch of other formats (doc, xls etc.) as well...

Richard J Gillingham, Technical Director, Software Edge

We use Gnostice eDocEngine here and are very pleased with it - extremely fast output.

C. P.

Up to now, I'm very fond of the product (QuickReport Export) and I was very happy to read about the new features, just the ones I was waiting for amongst (e.g. exporting of composite reports).

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