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Create, Edit, Delete and Enhance PDF Bookmarks in .NET

This is an introduction to a function-specific edition of Gnostice PDFOne .NET devoted solely for the management of bookmarks in PDF documents.
By M. V. Niranjan

PDFOne .NET Bookmark has been discontinued. It was a function-based subset edition of PDFOne .NET. PDFOne .NET has more features and is our flagship .NET product.

Today, quite a lot of applications offer a PDF export option. PDF documents created in this manner can score higher in the usability scale if they were to have bookmarks.

In situations such as this, Gnostice PDFOne .NET Bookmark can help. Being a one-stop solution for PDF bookmark management, PDFOne .NET Bookmark covers everything from creating/deleting bookmarks to modifying/enhancing bookmarks.

Essentially, PDFOne .NET Bookmark can load a PDF document, parse its bookmark hierarchy and perform various kinds of bookmark-related tasks. Now, here is an example code snippet that does all this and more. Please follow my code comments closely.

// Creates a PDF document object
PDFDocument doc = new PDFDocument();

// Loads an existing PDF document

// Gets first bookmark in the above document
PDFBookmark Bookmark1 = doc.GetFirstBookmark();

// Changes the color of the first bookmark
Bookmark1.Color = Color.Red;

// Gets the second bookmark in the document
PDFBookmark Bookmark2 = Bookmark1.GetNext();

// Changes display style of the second bookmark
// to bold text
Bookmark2.Style = PDFBookmarkStyle.Bold;

In the above code snippet, we were able to get hold of the bookmark hierarchy by first calling PDFDocument.GetFirstBookmark() method, which returns a bookmark object referring to the first bookmark in the hierarchy.

Then, we could parse the bookmark hierarchy or tree by calling the PDFBookmark.GetNext() method. Lower down the tree, we could have called PDFBookmark.GetPrevious() to move up bookmarks in the hierarchy.

To parse bookmarks at different levels in the hierarchy, we have a PDFBookmark.GetFirstChild() method, as illustrated in the following code snippet.

// Gets first child bookmark
PDFBookmark Bookmark1_Child1 = Bookmark1.GetFirstChild();

// Changes text used to display the child bookmark
Bookmark1_Child1.Title = "Modified"; 

Sometimes, we need to bid adieu to some bookmarks. Here, we either go to the bookmark immediately below or immediately above the one we want to let go and delete the one we want to let go by calling PDFBookmark.RemovePrevious() or PDFBookmark.RemoveNext(), respectively.

// Gets next bookmark
PDFBookmark Bookmark4 = Bookmark3.GetNext();

// Deletes previous bookmark
Bookmark4.RemovePrevious(); // Bookmark3 is deleted

To jump to the parent node of a given bookmark and delete the first child node, you first go to the parent of the current bookmark and then delete the first child bookmark.

// Gets parent bookmark
PDFBookmark Bookmark5_Parent = Bookmark5.GetParentNode();

// Deletes first child bookmark of the parent bookmark
Bookmark5_Parent.RemoveFirstChild(); // Removes Bookmark5

Finally, PDFOne .NET Bookmark supports go-to, remote go-to, URI, JavaScript, launch, and named PDF actions.

// Adds a URI action to a bookmark

You have learnt about the capabilities of PDFOne .NET Bookmark. Now, here is what we did in a sample PDF bookmark editor application we created using PDFOne .NET Bookmark.

Screenshot 1: Bookmarks in a sample PDF document

Screenshot 2: PDF Bookmark editor application at work

Screenshot 3: Modified bookmarks in the sample PDF document



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