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What's new in Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET 2016 R3 and 2016 R4

Highlights of the 2016 R3 and 2016 R4 releases of XtremeDocumentStudio .NET.
by Girish Patil

The content in this article is outdated. Please refer to the Developers Guide for the latest documentation.


XtremeDocumentStudio .NET 2016 R3 is a major release of our multi-format document processing framework for .NET. Then with 2016 R4 we enhanced many of the capabilities and features to enable you to get more done. XtremeDocumentStudio enables you to add document viewing, printing, conversion, OCR, editing and creation capabilities to your .NET applications.

In the 2016 R3 release, the HTML5 Document Viewer got a huge upgrade. In the 2016 R4 release, we further enhanced the HTML5 Document Viewer in the area of interactive form filling and configuration options. XPS viewing support, native JPEG2000 image rendering support in PDF for all platforms and other enhancements were also released. In this article we look at what was done and how to use the new features.

What we did

After almost two years of the first release of the web document viewers it was time to bring all our learnings together and relook at the web viewers from the ground up. That's exactly what we did. We relooked and also rebuilt the web viewers from the ground-up.

The outcome

It was all focused on giving the end-user a great document viewing experience, and the developer, ease in implementing the functionality.

Learn more

There's lots to learn. We have written articles on several of the new features to get you up to speed with using them. Here's a list:

Other features of XtremeDocumentStudio .NET

Document Converter

Document Printer

WPF Document Viewer

Free WinForms Document Viewer

To know more, please see the other articles in the Resources section.

To download the full-feature trial, please select and download the XtremeDocumentStudio .NET Ultimate Trial from the Download section.

There's major work being done on all layers of the Document Technology we are building for everybody to get work done with documents: The core processing engines, the viewers/editors, the converters, the document builder objects and more. You will see all of this released incrementally at a 2-3 week frequency.

We will be happy to hear your feedback on XtremeDocumentStudio .NET. Please send us your feedback using the Feedback Form.

Thank you!

The Gnostice Team


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