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Gnostice PDFOne .NET is a versatile PDF component suite for developers to implement PDF-related tasks in their .NET applications. PDFOne .NET can create new documents as well edit existing documents. PDFOne .NET can edit, view, print, encrypt, decrypt, merge, split, reorganize, bookmark, annotate, watermark, and stamp PDF documents. PDFOne .NET can also process PDF forms or Acroforms by creating, editing, filling, flattening PDF form fields.

PDFOne .NET does not require any external PDF software such as Adobe PDF library, Adobe Acrobat Professional or Ghostscript.

PDFOne components come with hundreds of functions and properties that put immense power in the hands of the developer. They hide the complexity of the PDF format and allows developers to quickly implement PDF-related features.


PDFOne .NET has four components.

1.PDFDocument - This is a non-interactive component. It represents the whole PDF document. You need to create an instance of this class to create a new PDF document from scratch or to edit an existing PDF document. All content creation or modification will be done using properties and methods of this class.

2.Windows.PDFViewer.PDFViewer - This is a visual interactive component. You can add it to a form to display a PDF document and allow the user to interact with the displayed document. By handling events exposed by the component, you can keep track of user activity and provide appropriate responses.

3.PDFPrinter.PDFPrinter - This is a non-visual and non-interactive component. It allows you to natively print PDF documents.

4.Windows.PDFBookmarks.PDFBookmarks - This is a visual interactive component. It can be used to display bookmarks in a PDF document. When integrated with a PDFViewer instance, it can be used to provide an interactive bookmark tree with features such as navigation support to destinations in the displayed document.

5.Controls.Web.PDFViewer - This is a visual interactive PDF viewer for ASP.NET Web Forms. Use it to display PDF documents in Web applications.

6.Extensions.MVC.PDFViewerExtension - This is the document viewer extension for ASP.NET MVC Web applications.


Gnostice PDFOne .NET Developer Guide