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Some websites have published out-of-date information copied from our old listings on job portals.

To avoid unnecessary hassle, please check the interview procedure and schedule on this page before you show up for any interview at our campus.


At Gnostice, our goal is to create smart solutions that will help people to accomplish their business with ease. We seek intelligent and talented individuals who understand our vision and can deliver consistently with great success.

If you are the creative individual who is meticulous about your work and your communication, always open to learn new things and happy to go to any length to create the best solutions for the customer, then Gnostice is the place where you will find the freedom to exercise your creativity and gain the respect and recognition for the good work you do.

To apply for open positions at Gnostice, please click here.

Additional Information

Submitting your resume

Please make sure your resume contains the following as a minimum:

  1. Name, email, phone, and residence address.
  2. A short summary of your interests, skills and expertise.
  3. Academic qualifications
    • Your resume should accurately reflect your academic achievements, accomplishments and degrees conferred.
    • DO NOT include elementary or secondary schooling.
    • Provide a brief description of any important projects you completed as part of your coursework.
  4. Work Experience (if any)
    • List your experience and projects completed, accomplishments, skills acquired, etc. by your position with each employer in order.
    • Details on your specific accomplishments and the impact your efforts had on your company.
    • If you worked while attending a college/university, mention it even if it isn't specifically related to the job you are applying at Gnostice.
  5. References
    • Include names and contact information for 2 references. These can include faculties, co-workers, managers, or others who can talk knowledgeably about your skills and abilities.
    • Include any awards you've received, articles you've published, or presentations you've given.
  6. A note on why you want to join Gnostice.

Preparing Yourself For The Interview

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