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Working Together at Gnostice

We want to create and provide solutions to help people get their work done with ease. We want to do things with love and create a thing of beauty.

To have and maintain an environment where people work with love and create a thing of beauty requires individuals who take responsibility to make it such an environment. If you are naturally particular about having things in order, if you do things diligently in your everyday life; if you really care to create a thing of beauty, then we are eagerly looking forward to exploring the possibility of working together with you.

If you are ready for it, here is what you can look forward to:

The Work

We build products and technology solutions bringing together inputs from a first-hand understanding of the needs, listening to customers' needs, knowledge of the domain and technology we work on and need to work on, our imagination of what we want to see in the solution, and the results of putting our heads together.

It is a creative, original endeavor. There's always challenging work and learning. Learning technologies, creating technology and techniques to get things done or make a solution possible, advancing the domain...

You will straightaway get to work on the existing products, and all the services associated with delivering the products and helping customers use them. As we move forward, you will get to explore possibilities of new products together with the team.

Salaries and General Benefits

Salaries are better than general local industry averages and get even better from time-to-time.

Additionally, you get a good medical insurance cover for self and seven family members (spouse, children, and parents), and a personal accident treatment cover for self.

Additionally, for eligible team members, for relevant part-time higher studies, financial assistance upto 50% of tuition fees.

Other Good Things

A good supply of assorted fresh fruits kept in the dining area. You can have them through the day.

Table tennis.

Do You Want to Work Together at Gnostice?

To submit your application for an open position, please click here.

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