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Friday, June 01, 2018

What’s new in Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET 2018 R1

Smoother deployment of the ASP.NET PDF and Word Document Viewer in a load balanced environment. Enhanced documentation and demos, and lots of bug fixes.

By Gnostice Team

Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio .NET 2018 R1 was released recently. We took a big leap forward on all fronts of the product with this release. This was a major and much anticipated release for our customers. Following are some of the highlights of the new release.

ASP.NET PDF and Word Document Viewer - deploying in a load balanced environment

To ensure high availability and performance of Web applications, it is common to use a load-balancer. We added robust support for deploying the Document Viewer in a load balanced environment. Now we support using a database as the shared cache to store session data and processed document data across servers.

WinForms Document Viewer - area selection and zonal OCR

The WinForms Document Viewer now supports selecting rectangular regions on a page with images included in the selection. The selection results in an image. That image can be saved as a searchable PDF or the text elements extracted. OCR technology is used to recognize the text in the image.

Major Improvement to Documentation

The documentation got a lot of love! We did a complete rewrite of the documentation with new Getting Started and Application Scenarios topics. The main Symbol Reference was also vastly improved. With the new version, we moved to EC Software’s Help+Manual for creating the interactive online documentation. Help+Manual is the leading help authoring tool for software documentation.

Enhanced Online Demos

The online, live demos got a complete overall with specific document viewing scenarios and features being covered in the examples.

QA - improvements behind the scenes

The QA infrastructure got a major upgrade with improvements to general test automation, rendering test automation and unit tests. The History page lists all bug fixes made in this release.


Here’s a list of important links related to the product:

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