Gnostice Free PDF Reader v1.4
Powered by :-(a very old version of) Gnostice PDFOne (for Java)

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Gnostice Free PDF Reader supports the following features. (For system requirements, click here.)

Feature Matrix By Edition

Features By Category
Viewing Standard
Font types - embedded Type 0, Type 1, Type 3, and TrueType
Image bits per color component - 1, 4, and 8
Image colorspaces - Device (RGB, CMYK and grayscale), CIE-based (RGB, grayscale, and ICC), and special (Indexed, Separation* and DeviceN*)
Image encoding - CCITT Fax and DCT
Integrated bookmark panel
Navigation options - first page, last page, next page, previous page, and custom (manual input by user)
Ordinary and flattened form fields
Page view options - fit, zoom, and rotation
Printing Standard
Option for specifying printer page size
Options for specifying automatic page resizing, rotation and centering
Options for specifying page range and number of copies
Options for specifying printer
Export Standard
To image formats (supported by the installed JRE version and Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools API)

System Requirements

Please ensure that your systems meets these requirements.

Software Requirements

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